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Supplying a top supplier with a new mindset.

Supplying a top supplier with a new mindset.
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FS/A was asked to support the leadership team at their monthly full day meetings. It soon became apparent there was a significant divide between the leadership team and the rest of the company. Communication was good at the leadership team level, but it stopped there. An initiative was undertaken to build one team on the same page. All corners of the organization were interviewed, followed by a full day retreat with the entire organization. The plant was shut down for a full day so the focus could be on each other and what could enable one team to be on the same page. The result was the creation of a shared mindset where the interest of others and their perspectives were valued, regardless of rank.

“Working with FS/A has enabled us to capitalize upon the collective intelligence of our people in a way we had not previously thought possible.”
The buy-in was so great, that individual leadership team members took to open sharing of information like never before. The problem was, not all leadership team members were as proactive in the same way. New silos were created as a result. Part of the organization was learning and growing faster than others. Silos have been eliminated with education and open sharing now a part of the culture for all. To emphasize information is not the privilege of the leadership team, information is being disseminated more by the team members than the leadership team.

Sales for this firm have doubled in the four years FS/A has been working with them. The leadership team continues to challenge itself to be more open and transparent to motivate each team member.

6.1 Great Teams: Core Identity Essentials

6.1 Great Teams: Core Identity Essentials

In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships.