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Finding the leader within.

Finding the leader within.
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This leader was in a medical practice partnership that had been successful for many years. In working with the principals, it became evident one leader was exemplary, and the other not a leader at all.

The work we do at FS/A accelerates time. We learn and act more quickly and strategically, becoming more purposeful and productive. The timeline acceleration, in this case, caused the breakup of this partnership. We worked with this medical practitioner to build their confidence. They possessed the foundation for greatness. After some coaching, a new building was purchased, and a new practice started. The practice is now attracting patients and medical professionals who want to be a part of this team.

“With deep understanding of the meaningful difference we can make each day, we are now strategically moving forward together.”
In a short time, they have three doctors, and a staff of more than 20 who love working together and serving their patients. They work in a new beautiful facility that provides care that is the talk of the community. The experience for team members and patients is as good as it gets.