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Seeing the future with clear vision.

Seeing the future with clear vision.
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A new department chair contacted FS/A asking for help in developing strategies that would energize team members to move the department forward to a new vision that was intrinsically motivating to them. The previous chair had set the vision for becoming a world-class research department in new, state-of-the-art facilities. He had accomplished these goals and had recently retired. The new chair was interested in creating an energy where each team member would work every day on goals that were deeply meaningful to them personally.

“After working with FS/A, we now have a team headed in the same direction. With deep understanding of the meaningful difference we can make each day, we are strategically moving forward together.”
FS/A proceeded to develop feedback from all corners of the department, seeking to understand what it was that would motivate them to be strategic, purposeful and intrinsically energized to do their day’s work. The result of the surveys and interviews were shared at a full day offsite retreat. After much discussion and storytelling, faculty and staff voted on what their motivating future could be, and the strategies that could make that vision a reality. The output was a deeply meaningful vision with strategic initiatives for each section of the department that supported the overall vision.