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Each of Us is Doing the Best We Can

Each of Us is Doing the Best We Can
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As promised, I am sharing excerpts from The Shift from Me to Team, which will be published this year.

MY REQUEST OF YOU: We would appreciate your feedback. Please share what you like and what could be improved.

As we journey through the jungle of life, we build a foundation for decision making based upon our own unique set of talents, knowledge, and experiences. We find we are energized by some people and some events and de-energized by others. This journey informs how we make decisions, and who we desire to be. In addition, we begin to understand our gifts, and what it feels like to live our best life. When we live and work honoring our Foundation of Greatness, it feels right to us. When we honor who we are meant to be, we feel energized, motivated, and alive. We see and feel the possibility of becoming more of the person we are truly, naturally meant to be. Our life is congruent.

That said, each of us is on a journey to build that foundation for better decision making. Each of us is doing the best we can with our own unique set of assets and deficits and the limitations of our own perspective. And even on days when we are under extraordinary stress or feel depleted, we are still doing the best we can.

Great leaders understand this, and if underperformance is an issue, then they look at their responsibilities:

  • hiring the right person
  • training and coaching
  • providing the required assets
  • inspiring continued growth

When a team member succeeds, the success is theirs. When a team member fails, it is the leader’s deficit in one of the above requirements for success. We will touch on how to address this Performance Gap in a future blog.