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Foundation of Greatness Blog Posts

Foundation of Greatness Blog Posts
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These blog posts comprise a series of insights from an upcoming book on the Foundation of Greatness (FoG), our approach to helping clients achieve their personal and organizational potential.

Inspired his coach and mentor Bo Schembechler, Fritz Seyferth established FS/A, a Team Building and Leadership Coaching practice. Fritz’s background as a leader at the highest levels has uniquely positioned him to help others realize personal and organizational success. FS/A’s purpose is to build high-performing leaders and teams, to fulfill our vision of a world where people are energized to achieve sustainable growth and success.

I have been privileged to spend more than 40 years in the Team Building business, including 21 years at University of Michigan Athletics. For the first 11 years of my tenure at U-M Athletics, I worked with Head Football Coach Bo Schembechler, one of our nation’s most exemplary leaders and team builders. My work has revealed there is much more to sustainable greatness than talent. Being a systems engineer, I was fascinated by the science behind what made sustainable greatness possible. While there are many great leaders who possess the talents Bo embodied, because of my life experiences with Bo, he is referenced more than others. I hope these blog posts inspire you to explore our upcoming book and build your own Foundation of Greatness.

-Fritz Seyferth, Chief Transformationalist 


1.1 The Power of Positive Visioning

2.0 The Four Stages of Fulfillment—An Overview

3.0 Boundaries are Essential for Us to Flourish

4.0 Your Core Identity—An Overview

5.0 Fit for Peak Performance

6.0 Exceptional Teams—An Introduction

6.1 Great Teams: Core Identity Essentials

6.2 Great Team Leaders: Counterintuitive Traits & Practices

6.3 Team Building: The Power of Relationships

6.4 Assessing Teams: Components of Great Teams

6.5 Assessing Teams: Tools

7.0 Reinforcing Systems—An Overview

7.1 Connecting Individual Performance to Organizational Success

7.2 The Importance of Objective Key Metrics

7.3 Reinforce Peak Performance with Strategic Rewards and Recognition