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Gratitude: the benefits of a grateful mindset

Gratitude: the benefits of a grateful mindset
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A grateful mindset is one that sees abundance and is open to new opportunities that present themselves. Gratefulness sets a positive hormonal balance in our brains enabling us to better capitalize upon our natural gifts and to be open to the contribution others can bring our way. The benefits of a grateful mindset are many and a variety of research has revealed that those with a grateful mindset:

• give 20% more to charity
• have a stronger bond with the local community
• have an income that is 7% above average
• have a 5% increase in gratitude each decade of their lives
• are more physically fit
• have 12% lower blood pressure
• have their stress hormones reduced by 23%, have stronger immune systems, and have 10% less stress related illness
• feel more connected (less lonely), have more friends, are better liked and have more satisfying relationships
• add up to seven years to their lives due to increase in vitamin G
• have increased energy
• have more confidence and greater self-esteem
• experience deeper relaxation
• are more attractive
• experience increased creativity
• bounce back from difficulty more easily

Research also shows that:
• children with gratitude have 13% fewer fights
• children with gratitude are 20% more likely to get an “A” grade
• teens with gratitude are 10x less likely to start smoking
• the most grateful countries are South Africa, the Philippines, India and the United Arab Emirates
• least grateful countries are Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Chec Republic and the United Kingdom