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It’s Just a Matter of Perspective

It’s Just a Matter of Perspective
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We are fortunate to partner with many wonderful clients in the healthcare industry. They are a natural fit for us since they lean toward seeking meaning in life by contributing to others’ benefit. Contributing to benefit others is a prerequisite for sustainable greatness and success, one of our clients’ goals.

As part of our work in the healthcare industry, we are often asked to support new Chairs of under-performing academic departments. They come to their leadership position with exceptional credentials, almost always in their academic field’s top tier. More often than not, they bring with them their perspectives of right and wrong. When it comes to underperforming departments, their perspective inhibits their curiosity about why the department operates the way it does.

The leader frequently gets off to a rocky start until they see that most department members have the same vision for the future as they do. The difference is the path being taken.  It does not appear they are headed in the same direction. It takes caring and curiosity to understand others’ perspectives, so people feel heard, understood, and respected for their desire to contribute to a better future for the department. There are bright people in these departments who, from their perspective, are not doing the wrong thing.

Whether a new leader or veteran, you will align your department faster by being curious and caring about why others believe they are doing the right thing for the department.  You will create a flow that will energize 80% of your team, and you will be on your way to achieving the greatness that resides in your organization. The other 20%? They will need coaching, and possibly eventually leadership caring enough to help them see they are in the wrong garden to succeed.