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“Leadership and Listening” – Please join the conversation!

“Leadership and Listening” – Please join the conversation!
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We need your participation in our next set of blogs—we will build them around your responses. Please help us with your insights, thoughts, and questions!

The greatest energizer of individual performance is our opportunity to contribute and be appreciated for our value.

When leaders listen, what do they gain?

And then,

Why do some leaders not listen?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or email me at if you want your feedback to be anonymous.

This article, “If You Listen Up,  Your Employees Will Step Up,” has several points that resonated with me:

  • The consequences of alienated, unhappy employees include decreased morale, productivity, and job satisfaction; increased job insecurity, employee turnover, and failure to meet crucial goals.
  • Listening to your employees makes them feel valued and increases their sense of ownership in outcomes. BUT—Be prepared to follow up on employee suggestions; not doing so creates disappointment.
  • Productivity and employees’ sense of safety and security increase when leadership listens and follows through.

What have you experienced?

As a leader, what enabled you to become a listener?

Thank you.

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