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Michigan Football’s Dilemma and an Issue of Respect

Michigan Football’s Dilemma and an Issue of Respect
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This post is a little different from our usual content, but the topic of respect, which is so central to the philosophy that informs The Shift from Me to Team, became a central part of a recent conversation I had about Michigan Football. I hope you find it useful.


The topic of respect came up in my recent on-air conversation with WTKA’s Michigan Insider hosts Ira Weintraub and Sam Webb about University of Michigan Football. It included a discussion of the current issue engulfing the program: the Big 10 Conference accusations that a Michigan Football staff member had engaged in stealing opponents’ signals, against NCAA rules. We agreed that the three-game suspension imposed on Head Coach Jim Harbaugh was premature—let the investigation play out, and then decide if any disciplinary action is warranted. The heavy-handed approach by the Big 10 Commissioner reflects a profound lack of respect.

Our nation’s legal system was built first to respect its citizens. While there are those of poor character for whom rules must be established and monitored, most people can be trusted, and they deserve to be respected. The more success you have, however, the more intense the scrutiny becomes, especially when you stand for a high standard of character. The current uproar is due to the lack of respect shown to Michigan and its leadership.

The University of Michigan and Michigan Football deserve respect: they have set an exemplary standard for competing by not only adhering to the rules as written, but also honoring the philosophy behind them, and they have done so for generations.

There are individuals in every organization who will err, and some will err badly, and yes, the program bears some responsibility. However, there has been a grave disrespect of Michigan and our country’s foundational value of due process.

I hope you enjoy our conversation, which also touched on the exemplary Michigan Football team and its rise above the adversity. This team represents The Shift from Me to Team in action.

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