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Book Coming in 2022: The Shift from “Me” to “Team”

Book Coming in 2022: The Shift from “Me” to “Team”
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It has been a long journey to capture the how and why of our successfully transforming leaders and organizations into thriving and sustainable peak-performing entities. As an engineer at the University of Michigan, our understanding of the English language was so bad that we were taught Engineering English! Perhaps that is why it has taken me several years to write this book! In the last two years, a team of professionals have shaped this book so you would enjoy reading it. I am proud of the work that has been done, and I am pleased to share the book will be available in the first half of 2022.

Over the next few months, I will share excerpts from the book with you. We are always open to learning and growing and would appreciate your feedback. How can we be more clear and helpful to the reader? We know this works, but are we sharing the how and why well enough? Please share what you like and what you think can be better. After all, the work we do taps into the essence of human nature on how we are meant to work together. Your help is most appreciated.

For twenty years, my team and I have been helping organizations achieve consistent peak performance and unleashing their untapped greatness to be more successful. Now, I want to share the methodology and science behind that success. This book outlines how organizations, whether large or small, can tap into resident energy to make a meaningful contribution. This book shares how our motivation to live a meaningful life is enhanced when we partner with like-minded people who shift from Me to Team.

Section I: Stories That Reveal Our Foundation – I challenge you to reflect upon your unique life journey. Just as individuals have stories that have shaped who they have become, each organization possesses stories of what they have looked like at their best. I will share personal experiences that revealed who I am or perhaps shaped who I have become. You and your organization have similar illuminating stories.

Section II: Your Core Identity: The Foundation of Sustainable Greatness – There is a foundation that enables long-term, sustainable success when understood and honored. This is the foundation of all decision-making. The foundation is built on your Core Identity:

  • Your deep and meaningful shared Purpose that aligns with each team member
  • Your shared Vision inspires all to work today at their best to have a transformative, meaningful impact
  • Your shared set of Guiding Principles that define how the team works best together in service of their Purpose and Vision

Section III: Culture Clarification: Revealing the Greatness That Resides in Your Organization – I share the processes FS/A uses to help teams reveal and clarify their Core Identity.

Section IV: Reinforcing Sustainable Success – How can we ensure the Core Identity permeates every aspect of the organization? Reinforcing Systems create better habits that remind and support team members in honoring the organization at its best.

Section V: Dynamic Strategic Planning – This is the real purpose of our daily work: to become purposefully better tomorrow than we are today. Your organization’s Vision guides Dynamic Strategic Planning to create a better tomorrow. We share how you can instill the disciplines required for dynamic and purposeful movement toward that Vision.

Section VI: Leadership of the Future – I share the essential attributes for leaders of tomorrow and address these questions: How will leaders lead so organizations sustainably thrive? What role can organizations play in creating better lives?

My Background

I started FS/A in 2002 with the mission “to unleash the intrinsic energy that resides in each person to create sustainable success as one team on the same page.” This practice is built on my rich background of being a key member of athletic and organizational teams that have succeeded at the highest level nationally.

I feel blessed to combine a systems engineering mindset with a desire for a deep understanding of what motivates people to excel. This life journey has produced client relationships in which I have gone beyond being an advisor to a trusted confidant.

Before starting FS/A, I played professional football with the New York Football Giants and Calgary Stampeders. I was a consultant with the BF Goodrich Co. in Akron, OH, and Arthur Young & Co. in NYC. In 21 years at Michigan Athletics, I broke new ground in setting the foundation for today’s recruiting of athletes, fundraising, budgeting, coaching of coaches, and defining its culture.

Fritz resides in Ann Arbor with his wife, Lynn, and cherishes his close relationships with his three children and twelve grandchildren.