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Official Launch of The Shift from Me to Team: Unleashing Sustainable Greatness

Official Launch of The Shift from Me to Team: Unleashing Sustainable Greatness
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I am so gratified by the positive feedback I’ve gotten in response to the release of The Shift from Me to Team: Unleashing Sustainable Greatness.  I’m looking forward to celebrating the publication at a book launch on Tuesday, May 16th. If you are in the Ann Arbor area, please join us.

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Join Us for a Book Launch Event on May 16, 2023, in Ann Arbor

We will celebrate the launch of  The Shift from Me to Team: Unleashing Sustainable Greatness on May 16th at 7pm in the Captain’s Room at Pretzel Bell in downtown Ann Arbor, MI. The event is free and open to the public, and a book signing will follow. Books will be available to purchase at the event courtesy of Literati Bookstore.










From our May 3, 2023, press release

Renowned team culture coach Fritz Seyferth shares easy to understand learnings in his new book, The Shift from Me to Team, an essential read for leaders and team members who aspire to unleash their organizations’ potential. Drawing from more than four decades of expertise, Seyferth’s book delivers a powerful blueprint for transforming organizational culture to achieve sustainable success.

The Shift from Me to Team emphasizes the importance of transitioning from an individual-centric mindset to an aligned, team-oriented approach. Using a combination of timeless principles, cutting-edge neuroscience, and a proven systems-based approach, Seyferth illustrates how leaders can establish cultures in which team members are motivated to excel and contribute to a shared vision of greatness—all with the goal of empowering teams with the tools to create sustainable Peak Performance.

Seyferth shares, “The Shift from Me to Team reflects human nature’s intrinsic desire to be exceptional, not just good. Team members want to be in the game and be responsible for the outcome. We have developed an approach that has proven itself again and again. We are grateful to share how we each can create a natural flow in our lives that is both fulfilling and generative.”

With more than 40 years of study—21 years as the founder of FS/A and 21 years as a leader at University of Michigan Athletics—Seyferth has found that the principles for achieving greatness on the sports field are the same in the business world.

The Shift from Me to Team is available in paperback ($18.99), eBook ($12.99), and audiobook ($14.95) formats at national retailers including and

For more than twenty years, Fritz Seyferth and his team at FS/A have been helping organizations access their untapped potential, paving the way for achieving consistent, sustainable Peak Performance. FS/A elevates leaders and connects individuals and teams to their purpose to positively alter the trajectory of organizations. For more information, visit

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This book is authored by a man who understands one of life’s most elusive lessons: optimal functioning is associated with ego transcendence. When we expand in consciousness we express the human core, the person we are meant to be, and when we do, others flourish. If you seek to create social excellence, this book is a must read. – Robert E. Quinn, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Center for Positive Organizations, and author of Deep Change and Building the Bridge As You Walk On It.

In “The Shift from Me to Team,” Fritz integrates philosophy, principles, and experiences into simple  processes for leaders to have a positive impact on organizational effectiveness and personal satisfaction. This book serves as a reference for any leader who wants their organization to flourish and their people to thrive. The book is personal, which moves the concepts to realistic applications.  – Dale Lefever, PhD, Change Management Consultant