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The Root of Sustainable Success

The Root of Sustainable Success
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Let’s explore the process that enables sustainable success in an organization, and how it fosters Peak Performance in team members.

Understanding the enablers of long-term sustainable success—whether for teams, organizations, businesses, marriages, partnerships, or relationships—has been a 45-year study of mine. The enablers of sustainable success are the same for all of them, but businesses must also have a consumer market that desires their services or products.

An Organizational Culture of Safety and Security

At the root of sustainable success is your organization’s culture. Without it, failure is a matter of time. Follow this thought process:

Actions – We need good decisions and actions.

So, what enables good decisions and actions?

Feelings – How people feel determines how they act/react and make decisions, especially when under pressure.

So, what is it that creates the desirable feelings we find in sustainably successful organizations?

Safety and Security – We need to feel safe, secure, and valued to capitalize on our mental, physical, and emotional gifts.

What enables a culture or environment of safety and security?

  1. A culture of caring, respect, compassion, and love (Guiding Principle).
    1. Caring and respectful conversations, especially when under pressure.
    2. An investment in continued development and growth.
    3. Belief that we are valued for who we are.
  2. Trust in each other, especially those who have control over our livelihood (Guiding Principle).
    1. Superiors live by what they say.
    2. Peers can be counted on.
    3. We can be vulnerable because we know our backs are covered.
  3. A shared Purpose that is creating greater safety and security from the work we are doing together (Purpose/Vision).
    1. The goal cannot be achieved by one of us alone.
    2. We stretch ourselves because the goal is so meaningful.
    3. Our shared accomplishments are the most meaningful.

There are more Guiding Principles to choose from that enable these relationships to thrive, but you only want four or five. Those organizations with four Guiding Principles possess strong cultures that all see and understand; they do not confuse you about who they are.

The Peak Performance Equation for the Members of Your Teams

Your organization’s culture is the keystone to sustainable success, and Organizational Culture Fit is one of the three most important considerations when assessing a job applicant or evaluating employees. The other two elements of the Peak Performance Equation we developed are Job Competency Fit and Job Behavior Fit (particularly behavior when under pressure).

Organizational Culture Fit enables the flow required for a team member to achieve sustainable Peak Performance, and failure to have the kind of culture described above undermines sustainability.

As articulated so well by Warren Buffett –

In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity (culture), intelligence (competency), and energy (behavior). And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

As you pursue your deeply meaningful Purpose, be sure you and your team own the first two Guiding Principles, and you will be well on your way!

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