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Turn the Ship Around

Turn the Ship Around
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As captain of a nuclear submarine, author David Marquet realized his men were taking orders from him and doing whatever he told them to do. After giving a wrong order that his team followed anyway, it occurred to him that there was only one person thinking on this submarine. Clearly a mistake on a nuclear submarine can be more catastrophic than a decision most CEO’s need to make. This book shares his journey to transforming operating procedures not only on his nuclear submarine but all the nuclear submarines in the Navy today.

Marquet chronicles how he took the nuclear submarine Santa Fe from the worst in the nuclear fleet, to the best ever, establishing a new set of standards to be met. Individual responsibility and thinking like a leader who is part of a team is where it all started. That responsibility created a culture of strikingly low turnover and team members living happier and healthier lives while protecting our nation in a radically more effective manner.

“I was on the Santa Fe during Captain Marquet’s tenure.  EVERYTHING he says is absolutely TRUE.  I was a beneficiary of his leadership and went from barely passing high school to now being an Operations Manager with an MBA.” Chris Peck