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Whom You Hire Has a Direct Impact on Your Organization’s Culture

Whom You Hire Has a Direct Impact on Your Organization’s Culture
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Are your team members in alignment with your organization’s culture? It matters more than you may think. This week, we discuss looking deeper than the resume.

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Have you ever worked with someone who seemed to have their own way of working and their own agenda that was apart from the rest of the team? And then, have you ever worked with someone who seemed to make all your efforts more impactful? When they are around, things seem to flow better.

Is this luck of the draw, or is this predictable?

Our work with clients has shown that you have control over this. Certainly as a leader, and even as a team member, you can affect the kind of day you will have by whom you have chosen to be a part of your team. Life will get better or worse depending on the composition of your team.

We see that our work to help organizations flourish is impactful, but to our surprise, clients share that our most significant contribution is helping them hire the right people. We often hear that some of the best people in the organization are new hires. Our clients share that they are now selecting for attributes—primarily Organizational Culture Fit—in prospective team members they had never looked for before. As we emphasized in our new book, The Shift from Me to Team, “Organizational Culture Fit means aligning with the organization’s Peak Performance Core Identity— its Purpose, Vision, and Guiding Principles.”

The Guardian at the Gate is a wonderful recent post from The Daily Coach—it shares exceptional success at the highest level comes from being selective in whom you permit to be a part of your team. “Building a culture has nothing to do with facilities. It has everything to do with whom you let into the building.” Sports is a transparent view into leadership, and we hope you can take the time to read this wonderful story that exemplifies the means to sustainable peak performance.