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Fritz Seyferth

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The foundation of FS/A is built on Fritz’s rich background, which includes being a key member of teams that have succeeded at the highest level. Fritz uniquely combines a systems engineering mindset with a deep understanding of what motivates people to excel. This life journey has produced client relationships that go beyond being an advisor to becoming a trusted confidant.

After leaving Arthur Young & Company in NYC to join his former coach Bo Schembechler’s staff at University of Michigan Football, Fritz’s study of what makes exceptional leadership possible began. Bo’s legacy continues to grow, exemplifying the base for great leadership. Fritz has identified the human science behind enduring success and now shares this with leaders for their personal journey.

FS/A offers a unique approach to team building and leadership development. Clients have described this approach as “innovative, revolutionary, eye-opening, life-saving, and deeply meaningful.” In spring 2023, he published The Shift from Me to Team, which provides a powerful blueprint for transforming organizational culture to achieve sustainable success. He also collaborated with Bo Schembechler and Dr. Kim Eagle on The Heart of a Champion.

Fritz and his wife, Lynn, live in Ann Arbor. They have three children who live in Chicago, Evanston, and Traverse City, and they have 12 grandchildren. Fritz’s hobbies are woodworking and engaging in outdoor adventures. He enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, rowing, wilderness canoeing, road and mountain biking, and just being in the peace and beauty of nature.