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Mary Walker

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Mary has been a great asset in supporting FS/A’s growth and creative development. Her commitment to understanding what it takes to compete and win was developed early in her life as a varsity swimmer for the University of Michigan. Mary launched and ran her own clothing manufacturing business for nearly a decade before returning to U-M. Now, for more than 20 years, Mary has immersed herself in understanding the intrinsic motivations of others. In the field of Higher Education Development, Mary’s curiosity is piqued by learning the very basic nature of those who give back, those who lead, and those who mentor others and leave a legacy. Her passion for thoughtful strategic planning, alongside her desire to help organizations build a great culture, provides a foundation and framework to assist FS/A clients to be their very best.

Mary’s love for the outdoors keeps her busy doing anything and everything she can squeeze into a day in nature’s setting. And to add to that, Mary and her husband Dave farm 130 acres they own just outside of Ann Arbor.