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Helping athletic organizations thrive.

Helping athletic organizations thrive.

The FS/A team has spent the majority of our lives dedicated to intercollegiate athletics and the development of coaches and student athletes.

With our deep competency of Organizational Alignment, supporting universities and their athletic departments is a natural fit.

As we look at intercollegiate athletics in today’s world, we see a widening gap between the missions of universities and their athletic departments. In some instances, this gap is wide enough to reflect two distinct entities within the same walls. This often sends a conflicting message as to what the institution represents.

“Quote from a university client here. It will be compelling and succinct and connected to how FS/A helped propel them forward.”

First Last

Our expertise lies in uncovering the foundation for decision making that honors the university when at its best, and in developing reinforcing systems that recognize and reward alignment.